Goodbye Scrubbing, Hello Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser

Here at Bondi Sands we know that getting your bronze on week in and week out can require some serious commitment. Especially when it comes to removing it between applications to ensure that all important flawless finish. Every now and again, there are just some tans that will not budge…till now.

If you haven’t yet got a bottle tucked safely in your bathroom cabinet, then let us introduce you to our new Self Tan Eraser. Recently crowned ‘a game-changer’, this cleansing foam will remove old self tan within just five minutes, no harsh scrubbing required. In fact, it’s Aloe Vera infused formula is so gentle, it can even be used on the face.

Not quite convinced? Hey after all those years of scrubbing, we might not have believed it was this easy either. But just take a look at these before and afters…

We thought they might get you excited!

The application couldn’t be easier, simply rub the foam into dry skin and leave on for five minutes. Next hop into the shower and using a warm, wet face cloth, wipe away your old tan. By the time you emerge from the shower, you’ll be back to your natural skin tone and ready to reapply a fresh layer of tan.

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Oh and before we forget, our Tan Eraser works with any brand of self tan. So now every tanner can embrace a beach goddess glow, without the fear of attacking your skin with a tough cloth once it starts to fade. Which we guess leaves us with just one question…

What are we going to fill our Thursday evenings with now we’re not spending hours scrubbing off old tan?

Netflix binging of course!

Click here to discover more before and afters, read reviews and to shop our Self Tan Eraser.

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