Dani Mansutti′s Tanning Routine

Aussie beauty Dani Mansutti has shared her how-to tanning routine using Bondi Sands Dark Self Tanning Foam. The ideal video for beginners, Dani’s step by step guide along with her tips and tricks will help you achieve the perfect tan. 


Dani's tips for the perfect tan:

- Soak yourself in a warm bath for a few minutes, then use an Exfoliating Mitt to scrub off all of the dead skin on your body;

- Avoid all moisutursers and deodorants before applying tan;

- Place a few pumps of Dark Self-Tanning Foam onto a Tanning Mitt and apply all over your body;

- Buff out the tan using a buffing brush until completely dry and rubbed in;

- Wear loose clothing (or dressing gown) and chill for a few hours or wait overnight to wake up with an extra bronzed glow;

- Have a quick shower - do not rub skin - just let shower water gently wash off the bronze colour;

- After your shower, pat skin dry (do not rub it in!);

- Moisturise using the Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk after every shower to prolong your tan (Your tan can last up to two weeks!); 

- For an extra bronzed look or if you're in a hurry use the Bondi Sands Wash Off Instant Tan for an instant flawless look that conveniently washes off and photographs perfectly too;

Happy Tanning Lovers xx

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