Aero vs Express

You may have heard of our newest innovation in self tanning…Aero Areated Self Tanning Foam. As well as fan favourite, our 1 Hour Express Self Tan. But what’s the difference, and which one is right for you?

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⁣Ok.. We’re actually speechless

Aero is the next generation in self tan, with dual tanning actives, a long lasting, lightweight formula and a delicious coconut scent that will leave your skin with a deep, bronzed glow.

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@amyrsmith_ giving us all the tanning goals in Aero That deep bronzed glow though ⁣ ⁣ #bondisands #theaustraliantan #bondisandsaero

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Express is an ultra lightweight aerosol foam, infused with coconut, which is perfect for time poor tanners who want to achieve the Bondi glow in an hour.


Both are ultra lightweight, fast-drying, aerosol foams- Keep reading to find out their differences…


Aero will need to be left on the skin for at least 6 hours for a deep bronzed glow. It is touch dry in seconds and results in a deeper, longer lasting tan. Aero is infused with salon quality tanning actives, as well as Vitamin E and Jojoba. This makes Aero ultra-moisturising, increasing the longevity of your tan!

Express can be washed off after just 30 minutes for a light/medium tan, 1 hour for a dark tan, and after 2-3 hours for the darkest tan.



Aero will provide you with gorgeous deep bronzed results, similar to the results of our Dark Foam.

Express allows you to achieve different depths of tan. You can achieve a dark tan, similar to the results of our Dark Foam and Aero, when you leave Express on for 3 hours+

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@stassischroeder tanning secret is out. She loves our One Hour Express! Available now at Walgreens for USA Lovers. #bondisandsexpress

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As you can see, both of these products are gorgeous and suit different tanning needs. We recommend our Express tan for when you’re in a pinch, or if you don’t like sleeping in your tan. Aero if perfect for anyone ready to try a dark tan, with long lasting, flawless results.

You can purchase Aero from Priceline, Boots for UK lovers and Wallgreens for US tanners.

Happy Tanning Lovers x 

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